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  Public-Service Radio Feed Provider for:

          Bay Village, Westlake, Rocky River, Fairview Park, North Olmsted Police/Fire/EMS


  When seconds matter, hear it HERE first... Quantumradio utilizes a low-latency encoder on a high speed connection. Typically there is only a 15 to 20 second delay from the actual live feed. Compare to other area feeds having delays of 30 seconds to several minutes. Discrete receivers (3) are used for Westshore Conventional,  Digital MARCS (WestCom/RR) and WestCom Station Alert (conventional) to reduce missed transmissions.

  Quantumradio's philosophy is to provide targeted-area transmissions without trying to stream more agencies than what can actually be -heard-  (such as a single scanner trying to stream every PD and Fire agency in the County... might make for good background noise but not too practical.)


New Stuff...

2014-01-18  -  Dropped the Lorain Co./Avon region feed in favor of providing a better-balanced Westshore/Westcom regional feed. There was simply too much audio overlap on the left channel due to increased overall traffic. Now the MARCS digital WestCom and Rocky River PD talkgroups are moved to the right channel. Also have experimentally added the Westcom "Station Alert" (453.3MHz) on the right channel- this may add North Ridgeville into the mix so we'll see how it goes... If one still wants to hear Avon in the mix, it can be done running a separate feed in an additional streaming app such as AOnline Radio player app (Android Platform) or others as preferred,

2014-01-11  -  Major relocation of WestCom/Rocky River antenna- hoping this will bring some stability to what has been a sketchy digital feed to date...

2014-01-07   -   Added a beta "Time since last transmission"  meta-tag status feature. After approx 1 minute of inactivity, text will display for each of the three main feeds showing number of minutes since last activity.  "Activity" just means some sort of signal was picked up. Short noise bursts are ignored however.

2014-01-04   -   Adjusted some P25 mode/level settings, and antenna orientation. WestCom/River feed should be improved.

2013-12-29   -   Power surge... lost 2 power supplies...replaced...  Westshore and Lorain Co feeds back online.

2013-11-30   -   Improved reception for Westshore conventional CH 1 and Ch 4. Fairview Park and North Olmsted should be a bit clearer now.

2013-11-29   -   Added WestCom Fire/EMS via Ohio MARCS-IP Digital.

2013-11-29   -   Added Rocky River PD on TG 13611

2013-11-14   -   Added Fire Dispatch for Lorain Co. Northeast - Includes Avon, Avon Lake, Sheffield Lake, Sheffield Viillage (possibly other areas may be heard)

2013-11-14   -   Added processor/channel-managed META Tags... shows which channel(s) is/are active, and distinguishes between Westshore conventional and Ohio MARCS digital (will display as "Westcom / River"). NOTE: There is a several second lag between audio start and Meta Tag appearance... It seems to depend upon the player being used somewhat. Restarting the feed in your player may re-sync the Meta-Tags display.


Feed Details:

  3 (surplus- low budget operation :) receivers/scanners are used. DSP utilized with Noise Reduction, EQ and a modest amount of compression.

 Left Channel :

   - Westshore group ... This includes Bay Village, Westlake, Rocky River, Fairview Park, North Olmsted.

                155.61 Mhz and some Ch4 (secondary) traffic on 155.535 MHz.

 Right channel :

   - P25 MARCS DIGITAL TG 13503 (WestCom Fire/EMS)  and TG 13611 (Rocky River PD)

   - WestCom "Station Alert" on conventional (453.3 MHz)


Operational Notes:

To help identify what agency is transmitting at the time, refer to the following agency ID chart:

11xx = Bay Village

33xx = Fairview Park

52xx = N. Olmsted

56xx = Olmsted Falls

65xx = Rocky River

77xx = Westlake

 The Meta-Tags seem to get delayed over time when listening from the Scanner Radio app. Just restart the feed and it should sync up again.


  Quantumradio recommends free "Scanner Radio" app by Gordon Edwards for mobile devices. Best performing app with the most features. ( not affiliated... just what I use mostly) .

Has a balance control to either turn one channel or the other completely off or at reduced volume..


 -  This feed is provided as a free community service and there is no guarantee of performance.

 -  Please observe Federal/State/Local ordinances regarding mobile reception of this feed.

 -  Comments/suggestions regarding this feed can be made by logging into the radioreference.com forums, and clicking the link below. Then select the "Contact Info" tab.


                  " Thanks for Listening In ! "